Piper Tomahawk 125hp Mod STC

The STC for the 125hp Conversion is held by Air Mods Northwest Tel. 425-334-3030 Ken Blackman Fax 425-334-3031 P.O. Box 8 Toll Free: 1-8-PROPELLER Snohomish, WA 98291 Give your Tomahawk a cutting edge with Air Mods 125 H.P. conversion The least expensive way to "Hop Up" your airplane ! Modify your existing engine and retain your propeller. Since certification in 1985, these STC's have developed a long track record. This is the same modification used on our popular 2 place Grumman and famous Sparrow Hawk 152 conversions, with more then 1,000 total sold. DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE PERFORMANCE AND BURN LESS FUEL ! Increasing the compression results in development of more horsepower while fuel is completely burned up. This allows the maximum performance to be gained without increasing fuel consumption. The maximum continuous RPM is increased to 2800 to allow the same propeller to give more speed. SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE ENGINE AND SPARKPLUG LEAD BUILDUP ! Higher compression also results in a cleaner powerplant due to greater expenditure of fuel. Lead fouled plugs and lead sludge throughout the engine become history! STC PACKET INCLUDES OIL COOLER OPTION AS SEPARATE STC ! This modification requires an oil cooler be installed. If the airplane does not have the Piper kit, we furnish an STC for installing one by fabricating brackets from drawings and using one of several popular oil coolers. This option saves a considerable amount over the factory accessory kit. BASIC KIT PRICES FOR THIS MODIFICATION Packet of 3 STC's, Engine, Airframe, & Oil Cooler $ 495.00 Set of 4 high compression pistons, weight matched $ 652.00 Pistons only no rings, pins, plugs, etc. included Basic Kit Price, plus freight and applicable tax $1,147.00 Pre-Cut Materials Kit for Oil Cooler Mount $ 245.00

AOPA and other reports on the Tomahawk Stall/spin controversy
----- AOPA Air Safety Report Feb. 1997---- Follow-up article----- NTSB wants new Spin Tests

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Subject: Re: FAA approved upholstery Date: 26 Jan 1999 00:00:00 GMT I need to re-do the upholstery of the front seats of my AA-5. I have heard conflicting information about having the work done at a non-aviation upholstery shop. For non-comercial use, is it legal to use "fire-retardant material" even if it has not been "FAA Approved". Any enlightment on this issue is appreciated. THANKS I went to a local Wholesale Farbic distributor, the one where the upolsters buy their supplies. They carry several dozen-or-so different brands of fabrics, some of which carry the appropriate flame-retardant specifications, some of which also claim "FAA approved". The salesman at the Wholesale Fabric distributor was very helpful, and knew which fabrics had the flame-retardant specs in the fabric manufacturers catalogs (also the ones being bought by the upolstery shops which specialize in aircraft restorations). I picked the fabrics & colors, and had the salesman photo-copy the pages out of the fabric vendor's catalogs showing the flame-retardant ratings & specs. I took the specs to a local auto upolstery shop (the one that does the prize winning resorations for the local old car enthusiasts, and the roll&tuck hot-rod crowd) and had him reupolster the door panels, the side panels, the seats, and carpeting. He did a first-class job, at about 1/2 of the price of Airtex. I put all of the photocopies of the fabric specs in the aircraft logs, and my A&P signed off the installation. MikeM, Skylane '1MM !!!!!!!!!!a href="http://www.super-tips.com/">img src="Demer.gif" !!!!!!!!!!a href="http://www.super-tips.com/">img src="demerstn.JPG" !!!!!1. STC # SA2059NM Aeromod Corp., P.O. Box 2361, Everett, WA, 98204 2. STC # SA4135NM Air Mods N.W., P.O. Box 8, Snohomish, WA, 98290