Chapter 163 Flying Club - Las Vegas NV

Members - Les Allen - Rich Dombrosky - Bob Floodeen
T A Howell - Bob Kaufmann - Steve Nelson - Rick Parker
Dave Robb - Randy Thwing - Phil Walker - Jay Willey
Next member pays $1666.66. Want to join ? Email Randy

Hello All: March 20 We welcome Rick Parker to our flying club and Chapter 163 as our 10th contributing member. Rick is an experienced and active pilot. Insurance was placed on the club airplane effective Saturday Feb. 21. T.A. installed a storage box next to the ship. It contains: Aircraft scheduling 3 ring binder - Aircraft keys, 1 for door, 1 for mag switch engine oil - rags - spray bolttle of "pledge" for window cleaning. A clipboard with aircraft use log is located in the airplane to be filled out after every flight. By keeping the keys in the box, it eliminates the need for issuing keys to everyone. If a member wants to fly on a particular day and time, you should schedule your flight in the binder located in the box or by email We need to formulate a rotation system for using the A/C for fly-in breakfasts, give it some thought. Payment "cans" are locaed both in the box and at the EAA hanger so that payments for flight time can be made immediately after a flight OR by the following Saturday at the hanger. We are slowing learning how everything on the airplane works. The panel mount GPS had a dead memory backup battery which has since been replaced by "Can Do" T.A. Howell, so the gps should work if we ever buckle down and learn how to use it. Rags have been put in the box. When checking the oil, use a rag as the dipstick is pulled. The dipstick carries a lot of oil with it which always dumps into the lower cowling, making a mess, then dripping onto the nose gear and tire, looking like an oil leak. Using a rag helps keep this clean, if oil is dripped, reach into the cowling and clean it up. A spray bottle of "pledge" is in the box. I have always had good luck using this as a plexi cleaner. There are tericloth rags in the box, only use the teri for window cleaning, not oil checking. Cleaning the glass in up and down strokes rather than a circular pattern keeps any minute scratches running the same direction. We are fueling the airplane "for the mission" so are not topping off after every flight. The airplane uses 80 octane. You can request fuel by calling: "North Las Vegas Unicom" on 122.95 from the A/C. Request the 80-octane fuel truck, give them the A/C number and location: "Tie-down at East end of Alpha row T-hangers" and advise them you will be at the airplane, then fuel as required. They will bill us for the fuel. I need everyone who intends to fly to email or call me with their complete name, address phone number, ratings, expiration dates of your medical and bfr and whether the current email address I am using is your preferred address. My home phone number is 658-7955. Bryan Allan; member/CFI is available to schedule checkouts. His hourly rate is $25.00/hr. His home phone number is 702-723-5483. He lives in Sandy Valley so you must dial the area code. We are still learning how everything works in the A/C. Before your checkout, you should spend some time learning how the two radios, audio panel, intercom etc. works before your first flight. There is no speaker in the plane so headsets are required even for practice. Give me a call or email if you have further questions or suggestions/input. Randy Click to email Bob, the Club Sec'y