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	After working with composite materials off and on for about twenty years I feel that I have accumulated
	enough experience to perhaps, possibly, be of assistance to aircraft builders and others who are
	constructing using these unique materials, and especially to those who are working with composites for
	the first time.  I have decided to give this endeavor the name "Composites Corner" in blatant mimicry
	of the feature in Sport Aviation.

	I am using the Chapter 163 Website for this purpose because, as many of you know, I am often absent
	due to work, occassionally for long periods of time (like last year for two months in Thule, Greenland).
	This makes using the lecture format like Bob Doughty did impractical I think. This way I can put information
	on the website as time and opportunity present and any users can get it off the site at their leisure.

	I intend to try to distill out that information about composites that in my estimation the average and new
	builder can most readily use.  In other words I hope to avoid "engineerese" and "technobable".  I'm not
	an engineer anyway and much of my "wisdom" comes from a technician's experience.  I will use as many
	sources as I can find and will be ready to provide them if so requested.  I probably won't put them in my
	submissions due to the fact that I don't want to take the time to write them in so contact me if you want to
	know where I get this stuff and I will respond as soon as I can.

	I don't mind corrections or errors being pointed out - this is part of the information process - just be polite,
	to the point and give me the why and the how.  I will gladly put them into my next submission if warranted.
	I will, of course, address any questions on the subject of composites to the best of my ability.
	An exercise in ego enhancement this is not intended to be, for myself or anyone else.

	Ken Mintz
	Technical Counselor
	Phone: (702) 567-1938
	Email Ken

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