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Chapter 163 - Las Vegas NV

The park like Airport Viewing Area is finished on Decatur off Rancho.
A memorial to Gus and Roy and other eternal flyers.
LV Review-Journal story about Gus
NEW= Ken Mintz gives us information for working with composites.

Chapter 163 Flying Club News

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World Famous Flyers Jess and Ed, lost in the mountains 5km W of VGT. Caught by Randy's wife,
(Randy led them safely home), with his Olympus Super D490Z, (naturally, better then Bob's D460Z )

The Chapter 163-1/2 Air Farce with Jess as Flight Leader and Commanding Officer

June 13th, Sunday, Flyout will be to Shoshone CA. Arrival at 8 AM. ===================

June 16th, WED. 7PM. Board meeting at the North Las Vegas Terminal. Any member can attend

July 3rd, Saturday, 9:00am. Pancake breakfast at the EAA hanger. Park at the base of the old tower.
There is a walk in gate. Code 1245. Head toward the northwest end of the field, past 2 rows of
Cessnas and 2 rows of hangers 'til you see a bunch of cars. Bring a friend. The CAF is on one side
of us and a group of Ercoupe guys on the other so there is plenty of hanger flying to fill your morning.
And the food is good, too. Everyone is welcome. =============================

July 6th, Tuesday, meeting at the NLV Terminal on Rancho. About 7pm. All welcome, member or not.

The chapter has been given a steel tube fuselage
for a Morrisey Bravo, aka Shinn, aka Varga.

It's for sale, any offers ?

Here are some other web sites...

Ken Wyatt's Las Vegas Hundred Dollar Hamburger Flyers.

And our good friends at Chapter 1300 with links to lots of other places.


Young Eagles Leader. Jim Bonelli. 242-5207. Email Jim
Roy Campbell is the Chapter 163 Leader

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