EAA Chapter 163 - Las Vegas NV

Here it is! Chapter 163's Breezy!
This plane may have flown more persons then any
other SEL plane at Northtown. It has a new
Airworthiness Certificate. Bill,Bruce and TA
have flown off the required time. I have 4 hrs
in it and have passed my check ride.
Joe W is building a 2nd one.
Has the main frame about 75% done.

Howards 150
Howard's 150

Here we are having a picnic on the tail
at Apex Dry Lake. A nice, clean 150.

Chet's PA-28
Chet's PA-28

Arrival at Stovepipe for
the March fly out breakfast.

Teenie Two
Teenie Two

Michel Cariotis of Las Vegas is building this one.
You can phone him at 240-7182, or by
e-mail to Michel

BAP Chevy V6 in an RV-6A RV's
A few of these in the chapter. Flying and building.
Jess Meyers has a Chevy 4.3 V6 in this one.
Jack has a beautiful yellow 6A at Boulder City
and Phil & Bob are building a 6A with a V6 at VGT.

BAP RV-6V V6 Chevy BeltedAirPower Chevy V6

Jess Meyers built his first Propeller
Speed Reduction Unit(PSRU) more than
fifteen years ago.Since that time
they have been flying proof
of belt driven aircraft.

Glastar Glastar

Our Past Pres, Armin, is building this one.
The wings are about finished and the
fuselage is being plumbed and wired.

Mustang II Mustang II
2 of these for sale.
1 Flying w/IO-360 and 1 kit w/IO-320

KR-2 KR-2
Howard and Parley have finished KR's.
A few others are building and
some thinking about it

Sonerai II Sonerai
There are a couple of these in the chapter.
Rolin has a II and Bruce an XL.
I'll get some pics of them when I can.
And Michel wants to build one.

Long-EZ Long-Ez
Ken has one of these in Boulder City.
Its yellow. He flys it alot.
Maybe others? I don't know.

Waco UPF-7

Joe gives biplane rides with this one.

Biplane Rides of Las Vegas 375-0048


Lawyer Bill, Steve and TA fly this one.
Born 05/20/46.

Stinson L-5
Stinson L-5
Tommy has a plane like this one
Currently being recovered.

Rotorway Rotorway
Joe has one like this and also
makes new composite blade sets for
them. Has about 80 sets flying.
When Joe gets his web site up again, I'll put a link here
Meanwhile, Waitman Helicopters, 459 4590

Navion Navion L-19

Clyde has a beautifully polished plane.
Even nicer looking then this one.
I'll get a picture of it at the next fly-out.

Starduster II
Starduster II

One like this is the EAA hanger
I'll get a picture of it.

Prescott Pusher
Prescott Pusher
Long time 163 EAA'r, Prez. T A, has this
under construction. On the gear and
a lot of sheet metal work done.
The fuselage shell halfs are HUGE.

Mirage Mirage
Mike has a Mirage kit but I don't
think he has started on it yet.
Skin is foam, glassed both sides.

Les is building this plane. I got
to find out how far along he is with it.

DragonflyQ200 Dragonfly
Phil owns one of these with the inboard wheels.
Beautiful workmanship. Has a Hapi engine.

War Aircraft FW190 Focke-Wulf 190
John C has this 1/2 scale from WAR Aircraft almost all framed up. His second home built, he did a Throp T-18 some years ago.
I think Bruce has a WAR P-47 in the works also.

Zenair 701 Zenair STOL CH701
Randy is building one of these from plans.
A big job. I've seen some of the assemblies.
He's brought them to some meetings. They
really look nice. Al has his flying.

Questair Venture
Questair Venture

A new member, Pat has one of these in the works.
4 years so far but only a couple months work left.

Rans S=16 RANS S-16.
None of these in the chapter but a nice
looking airplane. Easy to build but expensive.

Lancair 4P
Lancair 4P
I'd have to sell my house
to buy one of these.

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